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                      Lunch menu Served from 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday
                 Please note we do not take Reservations on Thursday or Fridays.

                                               Appetizers And Salads

Soup of the  day                                                                              Bowl            6.50                                                                         Cup             4.50

Spicy Beef Chili with Cheese and red onions         Bowl           8.50                                                                         Cup            5.50

Soup and salad                                                                 13.95
     A bowl of the soup of the day served with Murphy’s house salad..

Murphy’s House Salad                                                                   9.50
     Baby mixed field greens with shaved red onion, tomato and cucumber
     tossed in our house sweet Basil Balsamic vinaigrette.
            Add grilled chicken breast $5.00     or     rare seared tuna $6.00

Steak fries or Garlic fries                                                         6.50 / 7.50
    A basket of thick cut steak fries served with malt vinegar.                        

Murphy’s Caesar Salad                                                                   10.50
    Crisp chopped romaine hearts tossed in our house Caesar dressing
    with crunchy garlic croutons and grated Parmesan cheese.                        
       Add grilled chicken breast $5.00     or    rare seared tuna  $6.00

Sandwiches and Entrees
All sandwiches are served with a choice of Fries or coleslaw. Substitute Green salad, Caesar salad or Mac n cheese for $1.50 extra, Add Caramelized Onions for $1.50 Add Bacon, Sautéed Mushrooms or Chili for $2.00 Extra dipping sauces: BBQ, Ranch, Blue cheese & hot sauce 50c Each. Split orders $1.50 extra

Murphy’s cheese Burger                                                                      13.50
Char-grilled half-pound chuck burger with cheddar cheese served with lettuce, tomato,
red onion and pickle spear on the side                                                                     

Garden Burger                                                                                        12.25
A grilled garden burger patty topped with portabella mushroom and
Provolone cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle spear.                                                   

B.B.Q. Pork Sandwich                                                                           12.00
Shredded pork in B.B.Q. sauce on a Sandwich roll served with a side of coleslaw.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich                                                                     12.50
Grilled marinated chicken breast on a Sandwich roll with a basil garlic mayo,
provolone cheese, mixed greens and red onion.

Fish & Chips                                                                                            14.50
A basket of steak fries with 3 pieces of beer-battered cod fillets.
served with lemon wedges and house made tartar sauce.

Chicken Pot Pie with soup or salad                                          13.95
Daily house made pot pie served with a cup of soup of the day or a side of green salad.